Teacher Appreciation Week

So here it is, the week when everyone should thank their teacher. So let me start by thanking a couple of the teachers I will never forget:

Anette: Thank you. You were my first teacher when I started school at the age of 7. What impresses me the most is that you still recognize me and come up say hello when we meet (every 15th year or so).

Håkan: The tall man with the big Adam's apple who laughed a lot and who introduced me to the music of Queen. You were also the one who had to deal with the most difficult a teacher has to deal with - when one of the students die. I will never forget how the rumours spread on the school yard and when you came in through the classroom door with red eyes from crying. You brought us through this dark moment and you were there when we needed you the most.

Leif: Always dependable, always caring. You managed to put up with us for a week in London in 9th grade and for that, you should have a portrait haning in the Teachers' Hall of Fame. Off the record: we bought at log of Smirnoff and beer when you didn't see.

Karin: Almost like a second mother in high-school. Always with a smile and with a great passion for your teachers. You were the one who delicately made me realize I was putting on weight (which didn't help at all, by the way). You also helped me, a bit, when I started to date Sara and you helped me when she broke up with me. Thank you for showing up at our class reunion 2011! You made us all very happy!

Sven: You put way too much salt and butter in the food. And you smoked a lot. Rest in piece, sir!

The thing with teachers is that they will all have such a great impact on a person's life whether he or she likes it or not. Teachers help you become who you are, teachers help you avoid being who you shouldn't be and they help you through one of the toughest periods of your life.

It is because of my teachers mentioned above I am a teacher today. And I know I change lives just the way my teachers did. What a treat!

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