When we smile and laugh at crying babies you know the world has changed

I found myself in a little discussion over at Buzzfeed's Facebook page when they linked to a blog called "Reasons my Son is Crying". A tumblr blog that is quite cute in many ways. Basically a lot of pictures of someone's son crying. Cute, sweet and in a way somewhat worrying, if you ask me. I replied that I at first smiled when I saw the pictures but rather immediately I changed my mind and my laughter got stuck somewhere along the way. I realized that there is nothing funny about crying children.
  So I questioned the very common phenomena to exploit ones children on the Internet, for whatever reason it may be. I would never myself put up photos of my kids in order to show the world how sad, cute and funny they are. Today it seems to be pretty legit to do so, which kind of makes me sad. What made me even sadder is that one I questioned it, people jumped to tell me to "chill", "stop being so melodramatic" and "it's funny, live with it". To me this is a proof that the world has indeed changed.
  Perhaps it's a sign of changed common sense. When it is totally okay to laugh at children who cry and to have fun on their expenses, well I say it has gone a tad too far. Children cry for many reasons. Some reasons are so bad I don't want to think about them. As a teacher I meet children who have gone through and live in hellish conditions and there is nothing funny about their tears, I tell you that.
  But this is perhaps the way the world is heading, after all. Back to the Roman gladiator games when people saw violence and death as entertainment. Which we by the way still do today. We laugh our asses of watching clips on Youtube when people hurt themselves, sometimes so bad it is hard to understand why it is funny. Violence, death, devestation, sorrow, hurting - it's all entertainment. Have lost track when even our youngest and most innocent ones are laughed at when they are sad, crying and hurting?
  We live in a world where we treat children as things that make us laugh. And we tell people who think this is wrong to stop being so damn melodramatic.

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